NQM Soviet Spring Offensive 1943 (Part 10) – KURSK

As MTENSK fell,  3 Guards Army were advancing rapidly northwest against minimal opposition, taking advantage of withdrawing  Axis forces on the DNEPR line to push towards KURSK. Every soldier would have been aware of the popular serialised 1939 piece of speculative fiction published in the Young Communist,  entitled “Operation Citadelle, the battle for Kursk“, in which a massive fascist supertank army was stopped in its tracks by the brave young communists¹.

As the countryside surrounding KURSK became hillier, the first outposts of the enemy were encountered. Although some enemy positions were discovered along the main rail lines, only the forward edge of  the enemy’s eastern positions could be discerned. Nevertheless, on the left flank, 61 Guards Division deployed for a formal attack, backed by 59 Guards Division and 34 Guards Corps artillery. Flanking them on the right  47 Guards Division deployed against the as-yet undefined enemy positions².

Div Scout Recce Marker discovers the forward edge of the enemy

Div Scout Recce Marker discovers the forward edge of the enemy

Pressing on despite heavy casualties 61 Guards had little clear idea of the full extent of the enemy, or the enemy losses,  other than that they were a Panzer Grenadier Division. Nevertheless, the attack was proceeding more or less on schedule.

Div Scout Recce marker discovers 3 Enemy Bns

Div Scout Recce marker discovers 3 Enemy Bns

Close Assault comes to grief

Close Assault comes to grief

Sometimes in solo games, the dice confound all expectations. So it was with the first close assault in the game!

  1. Alas, few copies of this entertaining work survive, but wargamers to this day, the world over, delight in fighting this titanic “what-if” alternative history scenario.
  2.  Bombarding forward positions unseen is unlikely to suppress the enemy if he has retired to the reserve line in anticipation of a preliminary bombardment. Just such a situation occurred below.
61 GD Set Piece Attack

61 GD Set Piece Attack


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5 responses to “NQM Soviet Spring Offensive 1943 (Part 10) – KURSK

  1. Looks great fun. Recce proving its worth is always good to see in a game.



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  2. Looks good, Chris! 🙂 I like the STZ tractor repainted and put to use by the Germans!

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  3. The Germans have been even more cunning than that, John.

    It is actually a PSC Raupenschlepper Ost with the earlier rounded cab. I’m claiming that the camouflage is good enough to fool even discerning gentlemen readers of this blog 🙂

    Somewhere, I have a later Raupenschlepper that has been pressed into Soviet service. It is part of the booty from the PSC box gained by putting all the extra bits together with card to make up the shortfall.

    Regards, Chris

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    • Never mind the more discerning readers, it fooled me completely, so 10 out 10 to you for the effective camouflage painting! 🙂 Having looked back at it, the STZ has a squarer cab and higher sides to the cargo body! Time for me to brush up on some vehicle recognition I think (although that’s not really a chore)! 😉

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