Dinner For Two

Dinner for Two - Miss Sophie

Dinner for Two – Miss Sophie

Every New Year’s Eve, Germans watch “Dinner for One“. If Freddy Frinton and May Warden are unfamiliar to you, then you are in for a treat. This year we toasted absent friends, and I managed to avoid spilling the port, tripping over the rug, and put most of the soup into the bowl.

Jim Webster introduced me to the quote “We are surrounded by members of our family; some of whom are alive, and some of whom are not.” This year it has never been more apposite.

So, to absent friends: Adrian, Albert, Alice, Alison, Andrea, Andreea, Anita, Anjim, Anne, Annie, Barbera, Beverly, Bob, Andreas, Andrew, Andy, Archduke, Arshad, Ben, Brian, Carol, Chris, Clive, Deborah, Dennis, Don, Elaine, Fred, General, and Mrs Whiskers, Geoff, Graham, Hamid, Heather, Ian, IRO, all the Jos, John, Jonny, José, Joseph, Julie, Karen, Kath, Keith, Ken, Kiera, Krish, Lewis, Lucy, Lydia, Mandy, Mary, Matt, Muriel, Paula, Peter, Phil, Posh, Mike, Richard, Roger, Roland, Ross, Sarah, Steve, Sue, Syrian, The Duchess, The Wargaming Pastor, Tim, Tom, Two Slice, Victoria, Will, Yvonne, Zorro¹.

I got a Pirate Hat - Cool

I got a Pirate Hat – Cool!

As if things could not get worse in 2020, Locals reported seeing a crocodile on the flooded banks of the river Nene². It may have escaped from from Labs in The University of Northampton³. Happy New Year, everyone!

Crocodile on the Nene

Crocodile on the Nene stalks unsuspecting locals.  UoN in the background.

  1. Some of you share first names in common …. not Two Slice, obviously 🙂
  2. Locals pronounce it “Nenn“, like pen. Further downstream towards Peterborough, they pronounce it “Neen“, like seen. On some Victorian Ordnance Survey maps, it is spelled “Nine“, which I believe to be a lettered Engineer’s interpretation of  “Neen”  as he struggled to make sense of a local dialect that used to render Irthlingborough as “Artle’noc“, within living memory.
  3. The only lab in a traditional sense that I am aware of at UoN, is the Microbiology Lab, so that’s pretty scary!


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6 responses to “Dinner For Two

  1. yesthatphil

    Excellent! Happy New Year, Chris and Suzanne!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Nice looking grub there, Chris! 🙂 Here’s hoping you have a great new year! I’m going to make the most of staying up late and get some soldiers undercoated!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. MrCreak

    Happy new year Chris.


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