2021 Started Well …

As we were again dining in alone for 2021, The lovely Mrs K decided that this year’s theme would be Fancy Dress, which of course, means Pirates¹.

It started well …

But rapidly degenerated at the crew’s end of the table …

And quickly became very messy! Which reminded me of the pirate game at Sandhurst in the late ’80s, in which,

Jim Roche brought copious quantities of rum and gunpowder …. (what could possibly go wrong?)

Suzanne almost took someone’s fingers off with a Kukri², whilst opening a coconut … (They weren’t Trebian’s, but he might have been there, being a re-enactor of some note in his day)

And John Mengham may or may not have been very drunk, singing sea shanties during the debriefing.

We continued the party on New Years Day in Shed 24 at the allotment, surrounded by all the comforts of home.


  1. For clarity, we mean those loveable swashbuckling scamps of Hollywood fame, not the murdering scum that were exterminated by the Royal Navy in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and South China Seas.
  2. She was, and remained, sober throughout the day. Ours was one of the few ships that did not run aground at some stage during the game.



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6 responses to “2021 Started Well …

  1. And can we assume that you’ve only now just sobered up enough to blog about it? 🙂 Hope a good time was had by all!

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  2. Duc de Gobin

    What be a Poirate’s favourite letter?
    Why it be Arrrrrrrrr !

    How much did the Poirate’s ear-rings cost?
    …a buccaneer of course!



  3. Ian Drury

    I remember the pirate game: also notable for surprising a Gurkha sentry detail that marched past just as a bunch of guys in pirate costume (one with parrot on shoulder) emerged from the lecture hall via a firedoor. I swear they did a double take and got out of step. Happy days.


  4. Graham Evans

    I was at the Sandhurst pirate game. I drove you there.

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