Paint and Glue Miniatures Cyclists

Paint & Glue Miniatures, German Fusileers on Cycles

The PGM resin cyclists and motorcycle combinations in 15mm are the most absurdly perfect 15mm prints that I have seen. Anatomical proportions of the riders are correct. Animation is both realistic and lively. The cycles have chains and spokes. There are over ten different models.

Paint & Glue Miniatures 15mm German Fusileers on Cycles in resin

I am fully expecting bits of the finely detailed weapons and wheel spokes to snap off in game use. I’m sure that my Soviet Artillery painting style¹ will not do the figures justice, but who cares. These figures need to be seen before my paint brush gets to them for the detail to be fully appreciated.

Paint & Glue Miniatures Soviet Cossack Ural in 15mm 1:100 scale

If the Soviet motorcycle combo looks like a BMW, it is no coincidence. I owned a Cossack Dnieper in the ’80s and it was clearly a BMW copy, made from scrap iron by rural tractor mechanics. Like everything else Soviet, it did the job after a fashion. There were enough of them to win the war.

  1. Throw all your paint at the target. Some of it will hit.


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10 responses to “Paint and Glue Miniatures Cyclists

  1. yesthatphil

    Very impressive … Experience suggests, however, that they would benefit from a ‘cast on’ base, so that they would stand up securely without the wheels ending up unconvincingly buried in glue or whatever 😉

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  2. I might just have to get a couple of those Soviet combinations when I next order from PGM! 🙂 You have continued to be a bad influence into 2021! 😉

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  3. Nigel Drury

    They look worryingly fragile but the detail is quite something.

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  4. Those look great- hope they aren’t too fragile.



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