Box Cataloguing


Every year, for my own benefit,  I attempt to bring the NQM Box Catalogue and its index up to date. It allows me to spot Orbat gaps and continue to fill in with models as new purchases are made. Older less accurate models are pushed down the Orbat. It’s dull. Enjoy!

041 Inf Korps Base CSO

Archiving is described thus by the The National Archives, Kew, Richmond, TW9 4DU :

Cataloguing is an important aspect of documenting collections. It can:

  • give you greater intellectual control over collections, creating accurate descriptions
  • allow you to identify preservation/conservation needs
  • widen access to descriptions and the collections themselves
  • enable you to contribute data to archive networks

Happily I can ignore most of this and just continue to bung stuff in boxes, with photos to remind me what still needs to be done. Still a way to go yet!

047 base Sov


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5 responses to “Box Cataloguing

  1. That all looks too well organised to me! 🙂 I’ve just had a bit of a shufffle round of boxes, with a couple remaining empty to cater for some future needs! Like tanks and books, you can never have too many boxes!

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  2. Too true, John! Bob Cordery is the organisation King, closely followed by Tim Gow and Graham Evans. I just flounder along in their wake. I have plenty of books and boxes, just need more trucks 🙂

    Regards, Chris.

    p.s. the Germans are whinging that the Soviets have more tanks than them.

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  3. Can’t be too organised. Personally I organise by type rather than by formation, so all Soviet light tanks go in one box, medium tanks in another and so on….



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  4. Your way is much more space efficient and quicker to pack away afterwards, Pete. I like the convenience of pulling a box out and knowing that the Orbat is there, then the surprise of finding that the unit is fighting at reduced or increased strengths because I didn’t pack them away properly the last time!

    Regards, Chris.

    P.s. Good luck with your PhD – Ive only just spotted that you’ve started it.

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