Graham Fordham – In Memoriam 1957-July 2021

Graham Fordham

Graham en Famille, Christmas 2017

Graham Fordham was a passionate Husband, Father, Chef  and Wargamer. You never really know the whole of a person, so at funerals you discover things about their life that you never knew, and perhaps wished you had. I first met Graham as a wargamer, with his then-wife-to-be, Alison.  I remember thinking at the time “He’s interesting, I bet he’s worth getting to know.” It proved to be just so.  Graham didn’t do things by halves; he was an excellent host and Chef, and had strong opinions on history, but also a dry sense of humour. If he fixed you with his intense stare, you knew that you were in for an interesting ride, with no guarantee of where it might end up.

He was well known in Society of Ancients circles, collecting more than his fair share of competition trophies, and he passed his love of wargaming on to his wife, Alison and Daughter, Tamara.

Graham Fordham 28mm

Graham Fordham’s 28mm alter ego

He joined the Royal Navy as a Chef, declining an offer for an Officer’s commission to do so. In time, he made his way onto the Royal Tournament Display Team (as a chef, but becoming very fit in the process as he trained with the team)

It is the measure of the man that as Head Chef at Kettering General Hospital providing meals for patients with particular diets, he had observed that the pureed foods were often being returned uneaten. He instituted serving molds that represented the foods, from which the purees were constituted. Wastage decreased significantly as a result. Likewise, when he could not find the quality of flags that he needed for wargaming, he founded his own company,  Fluttering Flags, to print designs onto fabric flags, with his products making it into Kettering Museum, and worldwide.

Graham Fordham 1

Graham is not impressed by “The Cunning Plan”

Physically, Graham could have been cast as a ship’s Captain.  With his fiery red hair and beard, he would have been too edgy for Captain Birdseye, too focused for Captain Pugwash, and with too much of a twinkle in his eye for Barbarossa. Graham sailed his own ship, and the world is a sadder place for his leaving of it. He is survived by his wife, Alison, and his daughter, Tamara.


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7 responses to “Graham Fordham – In Memoriam 1957-July 2021

  1. Ludger Fischer

    Sad to read this.

    Met Graham and Alison in the 90s, last time I saw them after I queued up for SALUTE next to Alison and Tamara some years ago.

    Always a pleasure to talk to Graham and his family!

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  2. My cobdolences. He sounds like he was quite the chap.



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  3. Matt Bennett

    Very sorry to hear this sad news. Greatest sympathy to Alison and Tamara. I remember Graham as a most enthusiastic contributor to the Society of Ancients over the years. Always good and interesting company. Matt Bennett

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I once had the joy of playing a game with Graham as my commanding officer at Kettering Wargames Club (my home town). I remember being over zealous with my cavalry and him telling me off. We still won though, punched a hole right through the German lines! Great guy!

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  5. Such sad news! A very poignant tribute!

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