Review – Paint and Glue Miniatures Scammell Pioneer in 1:100 scale (15mm)


I was looking forward to receiving this model in resin from Paint and Glue Miniatures as a 1:100 scale print, and initial impressions did not disappoint. The printing is crisp and flawless. The detail on the side basket excellent, with everything square. Closer inspection revealed a single headlight and one front wheel broken in transit despite Garry’s careful packing in bubble wrap, neither being a problem and both easily glued back. The major flaw in this model comes from the height of the suspension, which is too low. Width and length for the model is spot-on, but the model just looks wrong, hunkered as it is over its wheels, which almost touch the rear body, whereas the tops of the wheels should almost be level with base of the rear body.

Scammel Pioneer Side pre and post modification

Scammell Pioneer side view post- and pre-modification (L>R).

Have a look at the contemporary photograph below to see what I mean.

THE BRITISH ARMY IN FRANCE 1940 A Scammell Pioneer tows an 8-inch howitzer of 1st Heavy Regiment, near Calais

Other details include the pot on top of the radiator being too low and the front suspension track bar has been modelled horizontally rather than vertically, which is what has led to the suspension being too low in the first place. On the plus side, the model comes with the crane gantry bar extended. This can be trimmed off if not needed.

Scammel Pioneer chassis

Scammell Pioneer chassis, showing STL orientation error.

Rotating the relevant element in the STL through 90 degrees to the rear of the model and lowering the rear wheel suspension assembly should fix the problem.

The visual discrepancy was solved with a razor saw and cork blocks. To my eye, the model now looks better, even in its quickly bodged state. I reserve my usual right as the purchaser to care about some things but not others, such as the newly inserted jaunty angle of the cab as it lurches over uneven ground! The model is seen here in a simple green spray undercoat prior to having the front track rod reinstated. Any spider webs seen are simply strings of contact adhesive, which will be removed when they have hardened. The rear mudflaps were broken off by me to get a razor saw in to the wheels, and will be glued back on for painting.

Scammel Pioneer FrontScammel Pioneer Rear

In summary, an excellent model, not available elsewhere to my knowledge,  that needs a major flaw in the suspension height to be addressed.


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5 responses to “Review – Paint and Glue Miniatures Scammell Pioneer in 1:100 scale (15mm)

  1. It is a nice model and all the better for your mods to the suspension! 🙂 You’ll probably be surprised to know that, unlike my usual procedure following one of your reviews, I haven’t immediately gone out and bought one! Only because I haven’t got any forces that could use it!

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  2. Nice work.

    Good bodging work too.



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