Review – Paint and Glue Miniatures 1:100 Scale (15mm) Scammell Pioneer – Part 3

The improved Scammell Pioneer resin print is on the right.

Back here and here, I reviewed the Scammell Pioneer from Paint and Glue Miniatures. I had to do a bit of chopping about to correct the chassis height, but ended up with two models that I was very happy with. So I was even happier to receive a surprise package in the post. Garry has updated the STL to correct the suspension height, and sent an updated model. It was one of the earlier prints, so a couple of details have been further updated since

Improved Scammell Pioneer print is on the right.

In addition to printing the front spring and torsion bar at the correct orientation, with the rear suspension at the correct height, the crane gantry I-beam and basket for add-on tracks under the driver’s door are now printed separately, as more modellers are likely to be using the tractor with the jib retracted rather than extended, and making the model easier to paint prior to assembly.  The front tow hook and bar has been beefed up slightly and the front mudguards are now sitting at the  correct factory angle on the wheels.

Having done a bit more digging, I found this photo, and a couple more, so it is evident that sometimes the angle of the mudguards got knocked about in service. Panzerserra has a useful collection of photos on his blog here. It means that if the angles on the mudguards are not even, then that’s OK too.

The headlights are now part of the radiator moulding and survived transit. Contemporary photographs show two headlights or singles on both sides, and also Pioneers missing the front tow hook assembly, so I’m not too worried about future gaming damage 🙂

Looking at the photos, I noticed that I missed a couple of minor blemishes on the windscreen bars of my original print, and will have to scalpel them off. Blast! I just have to upgrade my own models to the standard of the new one now. Again from photo captions, it may be that some Pioneers captured in France made it out to the Eastern Front.

All of these detail changes highlight the advantage that an STL printer has over an injection moulding firm – errors can be corrected after a model goes to print, so full marks to Garry for reacting to customer feedback. That’s 10/10 for customer service in my book.



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6 responses to “Review – Paint and Glue Miniatures 1:100 Scale (15mm) Scammell Pioneer – Part 3

  1. Good news there, Chris! 🙂 New model looks nice!

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  2. Looks great Chris

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  3. That new model looks very crisp and as you say it is another advantage of 3D printing to be able to so easily revist a model.



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    • Thanks, Pete,

      I’m hoping that this will be the basis for a Pioneer recovery vehicle at some stage. I have one from MM Models but it is too small, about 1:120

      Regards, Chris

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