At this time of year, we are usually to be found in a local pub, with everyday local folk.

Not this year though, with cases of Covid-19 spiking in the UK.

We buried our allotment scarecrow instead, but he didn’t go down easily.


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6 responses to “Halloween

  1. It takes me a year to grow a fresh one, John. 🙂

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  2. I have the mini some where!

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  3. Happy halloween- or as I like to call it goth christmas.


    Pete. (A sad old goth).

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    • Goths are supposed to be sad, Pete. Age is irrelevant! 🙂
      Did you get any nice presents? We had gangs of tiny Munchkins, mugging us at the doorstep with their adorable smiles. We gave them apples.

      Regards, Chris.

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