Just another Brick in the Wall

For anyone wondering at the lack of posts since November, I have been playing with my new outdoor toy; a concrete mixer! As retirement presents go, it was a bit of a hint 🙂

 Rather than clutter this blog with frankly uninspiring pictures of foundations and bricks, I have put them onto my building blog. Don’t feel that you have to visit it out of politeness. Brickaholics can find it here.

Sensible people can be reassured that the BRYANSK campaign is still underway, but German Pioneers have been throwing all sorts of obstacles in the way of the tabletop – dirty boots and bricklaying tools amongst them. Logistically, it has been quite a challenge stockpiling all the materials onsite prior to starting the operation, especially with the local builder’s merchant delivery driver, Chuckles the Clown doing his usual best to drop loads, or offload them in the wrong order.

In the meantime, there is a glorious site called underwhelming fossil fish of the month. My brickie blog is a bit like that 🙂



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10 responses to “Just another Brick in the Wall

  1. Although I’m not a brickaholic I did take a peek at your progress! 🙂 Looks good to me, although I haven’t got a clue! I’d have been more impressed if you could have got a cement mixer in German Overall Yellow!

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  2. 1 to 1 scale modelling is something I’m terrible at. Your work looks great though.



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  3. Looking great Chris, but the mixer looks a little bit more than “Not Quite Mechanised”!!!

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  4. I think a number of us are aware of the servitor accolyte feeling.

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  5. 1:1 scale is lots of fun. Building my cabin was my favourite project of the year. Bricklaying looks like fun.

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