Hungarians getting Inky

Hungarian Infantry

After another week of solid wall building I just had time to ink and varnish the Hungarians. I tend to use a 1:2 mix of nut brown ink to water nowadays for pretty much everything. It just gives enough definition to indented detail without me actually having to paint it in. It also dulls the over-saturated and overly light style that I have settled on down to a respectably scruffy finish. The picture was taken before varnishing.

The 6 year old in me still likes the toy soldier look without ink, but hey, I’m a grown-up ….. look at my grown-up wall! The temperatures are now reliably below freezing overnight, so no more cementing until spring, which in the UK is anywhere from late March to early May. If it were not for tarmac, we would have Rasputitsa for half the year. On the plus side, fresh vegetables can be plucked out of the ground year round, so no pickled cabbage. As ever, up-to date pictures are here.

Completely off topic, my retirement present to our Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology, (who is Greek), was a bottle with this label …


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9 responses to “Hungarians getting Inky

  1. I like the Hungarians and the humour! 🙂 I aspire to being able to create a brick wall like that even when I’m sober!

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  2. Nice work- a good ink wash always makes a figure pop in my experience.



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  3. Where can I get that bottle!! The Hungarians look great but why are they moving? Must be the red! Thanks for the wall building insights because now we know why that Chinese wall is meanders across the country side.

    Agree with the others a good wash, light dry brush to highlight and even average basing makes the paint job so much better.

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  4. Jonathan Freitag

    I am with Pete. A stain and then a flat topcoat does wonders to a figure’s presentation. Great looking figures.

    I think I will go put Pink Floyd on the turntable and get in a little painting session myself.

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  5. Thanks Jon,

    Dark side of the Moon?

    Regards, Chris.


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