Not Quite Rocket Science – Garden Wargaming

54mm Army Men

These guys will be doing all the hard work. The  back rank looks happy!

A bit of a sudden tack to the left this week. The Wall is finished, NQM stuff is being inked and varnished, which is totally un-photogenic, and all the children that we know are dropping like flies with the Omicron Zombie virus. When the warm weather reanimates them in spring, it is likely to be outdoor contact only, so I am planning along the lines of simplified Deathzap¹ to introduce a bright eight year -old to the joys of wargaming.

54mm Army Men Commanders

“Follow me Men!”
“Have you seen the size of the enemy?”

He already owns an eclectic mix of WW2, modern, cowboys and knights, so they are all going in to the mix.

54mm Army Men Signalmen and Crew

If in doubt, point and shout!

His father is prone to bouts of enthusiasm when making purchases, so we are sticking rigidly to the 99p store, to avoid a bankrupting arms race. Cardboard and wooden blocks will furnish fortifications, tanks, ships , aircraft and giant stompy robots. “ein alte Kriegsspiel” is the aesthetic that I am aiming for, but with none of the historical accuracy, and paint being optional.


We’re going to need a bigger gun!


I’m a Nebelwerfer. I werf Nebels!

Table 12 will provide the engine for ranged combat, and risk dice for the close up stuff. I shouldn’t need much more than that to start with. I will introduce rules as questions are asked and cunning plans are hatched.

Finally, the M47 Dragon figure above is my favourite.  Taking cover behind the fuel drums, what could possibly go wrong?


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15 responses to “Not Quite Rocket Science – Garden Wargaming

  1. Slingshots, tennis balls or marbles instead of dice?

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  2. I’m sure we will find something to werf.

    Regards, Chris

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  3. Neil Patterson

    Nerf (werf?) guns?
    Some are impressively rapid in terms of firepower…..
    You can get simple one shot pistols….

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    • It’s me trying to be clever, Neil!

      Nebel from the German “Fog or Smoke” and werfen from the German “to throw” – hence the German Nebelwerfer. Having said that, Nerf guns would be an excellent idea too, must look into that!

      Regards, Chris.


      • Neil Patterson

        I got the reference…….it was ME trying to be clever punning “Nerf” for your “Werf”……
        It would be a “Nebelnerfer” if you used Nerf guns……come to think of it the ammunition looks a bit like Nebelwerfer rounds (if you don’t use the disc type)…..:-)

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  4. This sounds like fun indeed! 🙂 Takes me back more than a few years!

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  5. Sounds interesting – but can you interpret: what are Table 12 and risk dice?

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  6. Excellent way to get new recruits.



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  7. I shall be beaten soundly by an 8 year old of course, that’s just the way of it 🙂

    Regards, Chris.

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  8. A couple of years ago i bought some cheap Airfix 1/32 figures (British Commandos vs Russians) for garden wargaming with a young neighbour.
    Then Covid hit and later they moved house.
    My grandson now owns these toys, along with a set of home-written skirmish rules.

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