WordPress 500Mb Limit – Dealing with it!

In an unannounced move, WordPress has throttled its data storage limit from 3GB to 0.5Gb. As I am already at about 1Gb, I anticipate having to move to my mirror site on Blogger or elsewhere to continue posting if and when this becomes an issue.

My other sites are:

Pigs in Spaaace, for Not Quite Rocket Science. Garden Wargaming content will move there.

Sheddery and allotments already live at Shed 24. Men in Sheds stays at Not Quite Mechanised.

Building stuff lives at Plot 207 (Dieselpunk Drama).

There has been a lot of grumpiness expressed (including by me), but these are free blog sites and WordPress are running a business model. They need revenue to be able to provide free sites :

The WordPress Foundation is a non-profit organization with the mission to democratize publishing through open source, General Public License (GPL) software. Established in January 2010, the Foundation strives to ensure free access, in perpetuity, to the software projects we support.

Not Quite mechanised will continue to be live as all the pages are here. It will continue to be updated as site limits allow. If necessary, all non-NQM content will be transferred out to the appropriate site.


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10 responses to “WordPress 500Mb Limit – Dealing with it!

  1. Peter Holland

    I believe legacy accounts will remain at 3gb. Fingers crossed!

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  2. Joseph

    Sorry to hear that but hopefully whether you continue your fine work here or eventually move it elsewhere, I will keep following. Really enjoy the WW2 campaign.

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  3. Legacy account 3GB started pre March 2021 seem to be unaffected but point noted

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    • Thanks SoT,
      This seems to be the issue :

      “At the moment the storage space for existing sites is showing at 500MB, yes, but you should still be able to upload media files up to the original 3GB limit. It’s just the indicator that’s wrong, and our developers are working on fixing this.

      If you’re not able to upload new files, please let us know, but otherwise this is a known issue we’re already working on.”

      They do seem aware.

      Regards, Chris.

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