I ain’t Dead, Mum.

This rather frivolous title acknowledges my lack of posts since June. Rather than bang on at length here, head over to Pigs in Spaaace, to see what I’ve been up to. NQM will be back when it is a bit cooler, and when my games table ceases to be overrun by Twang Dynasty (sic) Chinese.



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10 responses to “I ain’t Dead, Mum.

  1. Glad to hear that………son! DBA is a great fun game that you can play several games in an evening. We liked it when there was a group of three of us as we could have a round robin series of games playing each side and each player in an evening.

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  2. I thought I was already following your other blog, but apparently not! I have remedied that (I think)! Look forward to following both!

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  3. Don’t get me wrong it is not my favourite rule set, but it is good for short games particularly mid week when you have to go to work next day. I much prefer Dan Mersey’s Dux Bellorum.

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  4. I agree, GP.

    We found that the “improvement ” of AK47 from a two to a three hour game was a killer for our group for what had been a popular rule set.

    Regards, Chris.


  5. martyn simpson

    Big battle DBA is also good and hits that two hour game sweet spot. I found using the game to also re-fight historical battles a success.

    As for AK47 you can always play the old game. 🙂


    • Hi Martyn,

      Long time no hear. Phil has talked me around to playing big battle DBA – hence the Generic Twangs. We do indeed play the old AK47 game from time to time, but as one of our gamers now lives in Cornwall, and one in America on the West Coast, our games have morphed to cope with a hybrid mix of Zoom and tabletop attendees. The Zoom players have to eat their own biscuits!

      Regards, Chris.


  6. Will

    Amazing looking armies.

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