Half-baked Tray

For obvious reasons, the NQM Eastern Front Campaign is on pause. I have little appetite for fighting a campaign along the DNIPRO (Dnieper), when a real conflict is raging there. A tray of new models has been sitting in a half-finished state since the war started.¹

Garry at Paint and Glue Miniatures, and Simon at Syborg 3-D printing continue to produce excellent prints, increasingly in resin. A couple of Peter Pig castings are lurking in trenches on the left. I am busy filing and filling the 1/144 Kittyhawks, IL-15 and Hs 129 as the print lines on curved surfaces are quite obtrusive in this scale.

My wargaming time is currently being profitably being spent over on the Pigs in Spaaace  blog, where things are getting very stabby with Tibetan cataphracts and brass spears. No, there was no real blood!


  1. Putin’s attempts to dress an illegal invasion of a sovereign nation by calling it a “special military operation” fool no-one except himself. He needs to lose badly, and be deposed. By threatening nuclear use, he has demonstrated that he is not fit to speak for the Russian people, who have an honourable tradition of resisting foreign invasion themselves, whilst being subject to oppressive regimes at home. Russia will be better without him.


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4 responses to “Half-baked Tray

  1. Graham Evans

    Completely understand your reluctance to revisit the Dneiper just for now. I was similarly caught out with my RCW rules which are mainly based on the battles in the Don region down to Crimea.

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  2. On the other hand, I have no reluctance playing with little mongols and Samauri, who were just as bad or worse, but are all long since gone. 😀


  3. Ion Andrew Dowman

    Although I disagree with you on the whys and wherefores, justifications and rationales, Chris, I can well appreciate your distaste for running a campaign to do with a part of the world where such horrible nightmares are taking place. Even worse when the whole world is on the brink of disaster.

    All the best – and lets hope for a brighter future – for all.

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  4. Fair point, Ion.

    We all have our boundaries on what we do and don’t want to model in a hobby, and I quite accept that I’m not consistent in what I do or don’t want to portray .

    In the real world things seem to be escalating, and Putin has scurried off to his Fuehrerbunker, so I too am hoping that we don’t get the worst possible outcome.

    Regards, Chris


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