Shedquarters 10th Anniversary

Trebian celebrated the 10th Anniversary of Shedquarters with the Monday Night Group, (which meets on a Tuesday, naturally), by re-staging Cannae with his rather splendid 25mm Hat and 20mm Airfix plastic figures, using Niel Thomas’ rules as a basis. YesthatPhil and I played in the inaugural game and I brought a bottle of Sekt. Graham still has the Cork lodged in the rafters of the Shed, so this time I played safe and brought Hobnobs. There was Red Velvet and Salted Caramel Cake. In the inaugural game I played the Roman side and the Carthaginians won narrowly. Hasdrubal, Hannibal and Maharbal are closest to the camera with Paullus and Varro opposite. At one stage, three generals were sucked into the cavalry battle on the Carthaginian left flank.

This time, I was on the Carthaginian side and the Romans won, again narrowly, with five players online and the table “pushers” taking over roles as a couple of players dropped out due to bandwidth issues in darkest Northamptonshire. The game therefore seems to be nicely balanced. Both times the dice had a role in the eventual outcome, but roll enough of them and things even out in the long run. It seemed to be in the balance until quite late in  the game.

The full report can be found here.  Graham gave me black dice, so I was feeling smug that I rolled a few numbers other than ones and twos with them! It didn’t help the Gauls though.

In other news, I have been working on a Japanese DBA army and more cavalry for the Chinese armies, as they are feeling outclassed by the Tibetan Trundlebot. Here are the horses with their gouache base coats, first coat of brown oil and black legs, manes and tails. They are all supposed to be Asian horses, so I don’t have to worry about greys, strawberry roans , bays and suchlike. There are more Japanese cavalry than warranted, as I elected to build enough for all 3 Cav or all 6 Cav. Not shown are a further pile of crossbowmen for the Twang Dynasty. They do need a lot!



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8 responses to “Shedquarters 10th Anniversary

  1. What a very congenial event, by the sound of it — congratulations!

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  2. Thanks, Graham. Updated.


  3. Jonathan Freitag

    No better way in which to mark the occasion. Hoodies? What gang of hoodlums busted in to push troops around the table?

    Your Japanese horses look in two different scales. I think I recognize some Peter Pig horsemen.

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    • That is a very acute observation, John.

      The Minifigs horses are famous for having fat rumps and look far more Asian than the
      Peter Pig offerings, which are smaller and thinner, being one piece mouldings. I have been an unabashed fanboy for 15mm Minifigs ever since they first came out, due to the excellent anatomy. Martin Goddard at Peter Pig took the sound commercial decision in 15mm to follow the heroicisation that is currently fashionable in 28mm (fat 25mm). It will be no surprise that I like his earlier, smaller figures better.

      Regards, Chris.

      p.s. As for the Hoodies, what can I say. Standards are slipping 🙂

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  4. Based on your description of events, I’d turn up for the food, drink and cameraderie and not be too bothered about such mundane things as winning or losing (mainly the latter for me)! 🙂 Glad you all enjoyed it and good to see your non-NQM armies getting expanded!

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  5. Thirty five years, John. It’s time for a change. I will go back to the Ukraine when Putin is just another wannabe Stalin, living in a south American pueblo that no-one has ever heard of.

    The game was great fun. At one stage , Phil knocked over my black dice tower with a red die, so I incorporated it into the new tower in Borg fashion. You can see it in one of Graham’s pictures on his blog if you look closely 😀

    Regards, Chris

    “Your new name is now two of nine,”

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