Review – Syborg Trippel SG6 Pioneer

Trippel Front

The printing on this FDM model is up to Syborg’s usual standard, but the rounded contours of the model really deserve to be rendered in resin in order to do justice to the STL by Bergmann. It took two varnish coats and two thick-ish coats of emulsion before the print lines faded enough not to be the main feature of the model. The end result is a nice model that is well worth the purchase price.

Trippel Rear

The Trippel SG-6/38 Pionier (Schwimmfähiger Geländewagen) is a nice model of an unusual subject that appeared in  small numbers as a variant of the smaller SG 6/41 (800 of all versions, probably <100 of them being Pioniere?). The Pionier was, itself, an engineer variant of the SG 6/41, having a larger body and comfortable capacity of 6 (Wiki quotes a design specification? of 16 pax but I cannot see where they would fit in, or how a Trippel would stay afloat with a roughly 1,280Kg load (assuming 80kg per man with kit), against a 500kg quoted load capacity for the SG 6/41!

My Pionier will find a home in the engineer battalion of one of my Ostfront divisions. I have found pictures with tactical markings for an unknown (blanked out) SS Panzergrenadier division, a self-propelled heavy howitzer battalion, and a few with WH army plates. Extreme esoteriaphiles will enjoy Reference 5. below as  it shows a picture of an amphibious armoured recce variant and a Trippel towing two amphibious trailers (visible to the left below). Perhaps this is how the design specification was met? However, as exiting a river is the main obstacle to a river crossing, only prepared sites or very shallow bank profiles would be viable if towing even one trailer.

Trippel with 2 trailers

Trippel with 2 trailers

Trippel SG 6 Pionier with 13 pax on board

Trippel SG 6 Pionier with 13 pax on board. Testing to destruction!

The photo seen above shows 13? men in light order on a Pionier entering the water during what looks like a flotation trial. Very little spare freeboard is evident, judging by the waterline marks, but I found no shots of it actually floating!  I am quite prepared to believe, however that in a retreat, 16 men would have squeezed onboard and been prepared to bail. To put things in perspective, the much larger 13 tonne 8.6m long Landwasserschlepper had a design specification of 20 pax. In the end, the Trippel was superseded by the VW Schwimmwagen, which was cheaper and easier to build.

References :

  4. Wikipedia quotes Ref 2. as one of its sources.
  5. also shows an armoured prototype.


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6 responses to “Review – Syborg Trippel SG6 Pioneer

  1. Nice model, Chris! 🙂 I hadn’t realised these saw service use and they make a nice alternative to the Schwimmwagen!


    • They were new to me too, until Chris at Syborg offered the print for both variations with a hood up and down.

      My belief, backed by no evidence, is that the Pioneers would have used them in bridging units for their recce officers, replacing them with Schwimmwagens when they eventually fell out of service.

      Regards, Chris


  2. Chris from Syborg 3D Printing here. Thank you for your kind review and research. We are gradually moving production over to resin and can produce these in a much cleaner format.

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