Fifty Shades of Feldgrau

Fifty Shades of Feldgrau

The joke goes that in Heaven, the chefs are French, the lovers Italian, the taxi drivers are German and the police are British … so Fifty Shades of Feldgrau is perhaps a glimpse into Hell, and the least sexiest blog title ever. Hell of course has Italian taxi drivers, British Chefs, and the French and Germans fighting it out for the rest, with rubber truncheons! Fear not, this post is just about grey-painted 1:100 scale models.

I have never bought a consistent “realistic” shade of Panzer or Feldgrau because there is just so much variation. I have white paint, and I have black, so therefore I have as many shades of grey as I want. By the time the mud goes over the top, it doesn’t matter anyway. So there!

From top row left to right: Trippel, Kfz 81, leichter Einheits Pkw.

Front row left to right resin, FDM, Resin Kfz 21.



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16 responses to “Fifty Shades of Feldgrau

  1. Great work…. on the figures not the jokes. A bit disappointed as well. I was hoping to see some whips at least!

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  2. I was touring HMS Defender back in 2015 after visiting Salute, and made the comment that the interior was painted in fifty shades of grey. It raised a snigger from the seaman escorting us around the ship.

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    • Ooh-errr Missus!

      It is said that all the nice girls like a sailor, but that the sailors like a nice boy. I’m sure it’s a vile slander!

      Ian Drury (previous editor of “Combat and Survival”) and I were on a chat group yesterday, when he reminisced that when they ran an article on gas masks, his advertisers got an unusual number of enquiries from gentleman for purposes ” other than military”. As one of his advertisers at the time, I can confirm that our climbing department had an upsurge of interest in locking carabiners, for some reason, from chaps whose body weight suggested that they were not climbers. 😮

      Regards, Chris.

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  3. Nice vehicles and they don’t look too dissimilar as far as colours go! 🙂 It’s probably the weathering and muck that make the biggest difference. I’m pretty poor at mixing grey (what could really be easier) so I just use Humbrol 27 to represent German vehicles in grey – dark enough to look about right to me on a model, but light enough to be able to see details.

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  4. I believe that in Hell the Police are French and the lovers German, but I don’t want to start a war about it. I have too many wars on my catch-up list as it is!

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  5. You seem suspiciously knowledgeable on the subject, Paul. We are both agreed on the taxi drivers and chefs though. 😀

    Regards, Chris.

    p.s. How are the 1:300th wars going?

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  6. I like your attitude on German grey Chris
    Grey is somewhere between black and white

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    • It has always amused me that in WWII the Royal navy painted its ships dark grey for the northern latitudes and light grey for the tropics, when in reality it needed to be the other way around.

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  7. You added some colour to the subject of grey! Fine looking vee-hicles too.
    I have heard it as heaven is where Gs in charge of trains, Es law, Fs food and Is love-making. Hell is where Is in charge of trains, Fs law, Es food and Gs love-making…
    Regards, James

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  8. I bet Ludger Fischer has an opinion on that too, James. 🙂

    Regards, Chris.


  9. Will Whyler

    Like the article and the responses. Must look up Humbrol 27.

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