Men In Hats

Many wargamers are prone to collecting fetching military hats and striking poses in them, so in honour of the late Doctor Paddy Griffith submit your pictures here please, where they will be immortalised. Become a member of the wargames glitterati 🙂

Major Kilgore

By contrast, Major Kilgore is back on this page after a long absence. I’m not sure that your new hat counts Major, as it looks a bit too professional for this blog. The smile is nice though and the cool shades tip the balance in your favour 🙂

General Whiskers

The Splendidly named “General Whiskers” has joined the blog. The measure of the fellow (for he is a re-enactor) can be gauged by the following quote from his blog:

“Having erected and furnished the bell tent, including a sea chest, a tensioned rope bed frame, a wash-stand and my writing table (I like to live in authentic comfort), I unloaded the kit that I had brought for the officers’ mess tent. One six-foot oak table, six chairs, candelabra and table furnishings.”

Chris Ager and Graham Hockley

Hah! It has taken forever to capture the Thompson Twins (Also Known as Chris Ager [L] and Graham Hockley [R]) wearing hats on camera. Perfect disguises!

John Armatys

Sporting both a Pickelhaube and his trademark DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material) combat jacket, John Armatys scores double points!


Rob Cooper earns his place with this splendid pith helmet. A fine pose Sir!

Rob Cooper earns his place with this splendid pith helmet. A fine pose Sir!


Pasha von Gow taking his ease in a Hotel in TRIPOLI whilst advising the Italian C olonial divisions in North Afrika

Pasha (Tim) von Gow taking his ease in a Hotel in TRIPOLI whilst advising the Italian colonial divisions in North Afrika


Alan Gruber  (Tradgardmastre) is in Jubilee mood with this hat.


Don Maddox of Brazos Evil Empire sports an appropriately black US Cavalry hat. What was the name of that Indian again?


Comrade General Wallmanski seen relaxing with his disappointingly hatless headquarters staff and faithful command tank driver Alex Kleanthous, after the battle of KHARKOV. Inexplicably, he has not yet had a visit from the NKVD.


“He says he wants another Panzerarmee”. Martin Rapier roleplays “Springtime for Hitler in Germany

This picture copyright Tom Mouat is from the June 2012 Megablitz game at RMCS Shrivenham. General Rapier is now part of the NQM Wehrmacht general staff.

Hero of the Soviet Union General Simmonovski directs fierce fighting in front of MOSCOW

Thanks go to Martyn Simpson for the excellent addition to the Soviet General Staff above (I’ve known Martyn since our respective schooldays in Scunthorpe)

Comrade Marshall Bankanista, upon being told that Moscow has not yet fallen to 1st Shock Army

Thanks to Derek Henderson for sending in some splendid examples of Hattism, which I shall hold should I ever need to blackmail him, and especially the one above!

Bob Cordery (L) and Tony Hawkins (R) standing at ease


Chris Kemp hamming it up as the Italian Naval Umpire during “Operation Herkules” at Duxford 2010


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  1. You can put up mine any time Chris.


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