Men in Sheds

This page is dedicated to all those gamers with their own sheds. If you are not here and feel that you should be, or are here and don’t want to be, then let me know. Not everyone has a shed; dedicated wargames rooms and painting desks count too. Here are some sheds and suchlike:

Jeff Groves, AKA Inch High Guy, takes ” impressively tidy underground bunkers ” to a whole new level. see the whole tour on his page.

Inch High Guy's Secret Underground Bunker

Inch High Guy’s Secret Underground Bunker

With a name like “Eric the Shed“, one might expect something impressive. It is! This shed is so big, it has two extensions of its own.

Eric the Shed's Shed


Imperial Rebel Ork has moved house and has a new Man Cave. It is impressively tidy, considering the number of Orkses and gribbly beasties he has penned up in those artfully distressed lockers. He now has a Cabin, with a red door, so that it goes faster (2021 update)!

IRO's Go Faster Cabin

Imperial Rebel Ork's Man Cave

Plane Dave has gone one better with his Dave Cave, which boasts a private cinema in one corner. Being a proper cave it is in the basement; more of a bunker really!

This tidy gem of a workbench comes from Peter Fitzpatrick’s Shouting into the Void. It is part of a larger woodworking workshop

What do you do if your shed burns down? Build another one of course! General Whiskers’ new gaffe …

Bob Cordery’s new games room is looking distressingly well-organised and tidy.

James Roach, aka Olicanalad has a splendid games room and painting desk, shown below.

Jim Duncan has varnished floors and an equally huge table (see also Eric the Shed):

Trebian’s Shedquarters has a huge table, proper carpets and a coffee machine:

Suzanne’s, shed has Gin! Shed du Soleil.

Mine is a long running work-in-progress:

Shed du Soleil with its New Roof

Spring 2021 with the extended porch and covered walkway.