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8th Army vs Panzer Armee Afrika

British Model Page

Chris Kemp's Not Quite Mechanised - Corps Scale Orbat. Soviet Army 01

Soviet Model Page

Panzer and Panzergrenadier elements to make up Midwar Panzer Armeekorps

German Model Page

Italian Divisional Commander

Italian Model Page

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BF – Battlefront

BPM – Butler’s Printed Models, (3D Prints).

CD – Command Decision, Skytrex.

FiB – Forged in Battle, (metal and resin).

FoW – Flames of War, (metal, resin, and plastic).

MF – Miniature Figurines, (metal).

MMM – Mike’s Military Models, (garage operation, resin, not currently in production).

PGM – Paint and Glue Miniatures, (3D prints).

PP – Peter Pig, (metal and resin).

PSC – Plastic Soldier Company,  (plastic and Ultracast).

QRF – Quick Reaction Force, (Metal)

S3D – Syborg 3D Printing, (3D prints).