NQM Box Catalogue

Trebian is fond of remarking that if you do not have a catalogue for your collection, then it is just a heap of stuff. Here is an ever-changing list of my famously disorganised pile of wargames toys. The sole purpose of this catalogue is to be a photo archive of my NQM boxes. I occasionally look in here because it can be quicker than rooting around the boxes themselves. You have been warned 🙂

BOX 001: Trieste Motorised Inf Div

BOX 002:  British Parachute Brigade Mid-war to Post-war

BOX 003:  Hungarian Mixed Division

BOX 004: Soviet Tank Corps 1943-4

BOX 005:  Currently Empty

BOX 006: Innocent Bystanders and Partizans

BOX 007:  Soviet VVS Air Corps 1943

BOX 008: Soviet Cavalry Corps 1942

BOX 009:  Soviet Tank Corps 1941-2

BOX 010:  Romanian Mixed Division

BOX 011: 1st Army TUNISIA onwards

BOX 012: Currently Empty

BOX 013: 20 Corps Bersagliari, Blackshirt Legion

BOX 014: Australian Infantry + Reserves

BOX 015: DAK Artillery

BOX 016: 90th Light Afrika Division

BOX 017: Empty (May 2015)

BOX 018: DAK 15th Panzer Division

BOX 019: DAK 21st Panzer Division

BOX 020:  US infantry division TUNISIA onwards

BOX 021: 5th Gebirgsjäger Division

BOX 022: OKH Armee Truppen

BOX 023: 133 Littorio Armoured Division

BOX 024:  Soviet Tank Corps 1940-41

BOX 025: Currently Empty

BOX 026: San Marco Marine Division

BOX 027:  Italian 20 Corps Troops

BOX 028:  Soviet VVS Air Corps

BOX 029:  Soviet Guard Tank Corps 1943

BOX 030: 132 Ariete Armoured Division

BOX 031: Currently Empty

BOX 032: Regia Aeronautica

BOX 033: 8th Army Artillery

BOX 034: Luftflotte 4 Ostfront

BOX 035: Luftflotte 2

BOX 036: DAF Air Wing

BOX 037: 8th Army Troops

BOX 038: IJN + Air Force

BOX 039:  Warhamster + 54mm

BOX 040:  VVS Air Army

BOX 041:  OKH Inf Div Neu

BOX 042: Stavka Reserve

BOX 043: DAK HQ and Army level troops

BOX 044: OKH Inf Korps

BOX 045: 8th/14th Army Div Gp

BOX 046: 25mm Medieval

BOX 047: 8th Army Div Gp + Air Wing

BOX 048: 54mm Army Men

BOX 049: Recycled Bases

BOX 050: Sov Inf Div

BOX 051: Sov Front Arty

BOX 052: 15mm Medieval

BOX 053: Sov Naval Inf

BOX 054: Sov 1st Gd Army

BOX 055 : 8th Army Inf/Tks

BOX 056: OKH Panzer Reserve

BOX 057: OKL Fallschirmjäger

BOX 058: Sov Tk Res + VVS Res

Old-School Toolbox: AK47 Collection


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