002-D5 Deutsches Afrika Korps Headquarters CSO Jan 2020 (Pale/Mid Blue Bases)

The new A5 box contains just the HQ and Korps Truppen. The A4 Box 036 contained the pocket orbat for the entire Korps, and before that, 4th Indian Division.


(commanded by Field Marshal (Generalfeldmarschall) Erwin Rommel) (Lieutenant-General (General der Panzertruppe) Georg Stumme was in command at the start of the battle in Rommel’s absence on sick leave)

Comd car or SdKfz 250 [Greif] (C3,Vet,LaMd), Signals Truck [or captured Dorchester] (C3,Vet,Ld), 20mm Flak Truck (S3,Vet,Lad) Ambulance Truck (L3,Reg,Ld), Armd Car (R3,Vet,Lad) + 2 Recce Markers (Lad)

BOX 036 : DAK Pocket Orbat

Deutsches Afrika Korps

DAK HQ(Major-General (Generalleutnant) Wilhelm Ritter von Thoma) Comd Car (S3,Vet, Lad), Log (S3,Vet, Ld), Wksp (S3,Vet,Ld), POL (S3,Vet,Ld), Ambulance (S3,Vet,LNoncom), 2cm Flak (S3,Vet,Lad), 8.8cm KwK 36 + SdKfz 7 (S3,Vet,HaLd)


Deutsches 15th Panzer Division

15 Panzer Division(Brigadier-General (Generalmajor) Gustav von Vaerst) PzIII Befehl, Scratchbuilt beute Morris Log/POL

  • 8th Panzer Regiment PzIIIJ
  • 115th Panzergrenadier Regiment Sdkfz 251
  • 33rd Artillery Regiment 15cm SiG 33 auf PzII with SdKfz 254
  • 33rd Anti-tank Battalion Pak 38 7.62cm with SdKfz 11
  • 33rd Engineer Battalion Sdkfz 251/7
  • 33rd Pz Aufklärungs Battalion – Sdkfz 222

Deutsches 21st Panzer Division

21 Panzer Division(Brigadier-General (Generalmajor) Heinz von Randow) Sdkfz 263, Log

  • 5th Panzer Regiment PzIII
  • 104th Panzergrenadier Regiment Sdkfz 251
  • 155th Artillery Regiment 10.5cm LeFH with SdKfz 11
  • 39th Anti-tank Battalion Pak 38 5cm with SdKfz 10
  • 200th Engineer Battalion Sdkfz 251/7
  • 3rd Pz Aufklärungs Battalion –Sdkfz 231

136 Infantry Division Giovani Fascisti (Young Fascists)

136 Giovanni Fascisti DivisioneInfantry HQ, Dovunque Ammo/POL/Wksp Truck

  • 136 Infantry Regiment – Infantry
  • 3rd Recce Battalion Lancieri di MonferratoAB41 A/C
  • 136 Artillery Regiment – 75/27 Cannone + tow
  • 125 Pioneer Battalion – Pioneer Truck

BOX 036 :4th Indian Infantry Division

Corps Scale Orbat (CSO)

Jan 2019

4th Indian Division Jan 2019

4th Indian Division Jan 2019


4th Indian Infantry Division (CSO)

Major-General Francis Tuker  Comd India Pattern Carrier (C3),  Ammo/POL Truck (L3), Ambulance (L3), Workshop Truck (L3)

  • 1st Fd Regt Royal Artillery Quad FAT + 25pdr (S3)

  • 11th Fd Regt, Royal Artillery Quad FAT + 25pdr (S3)

  • 32nd Fd Regt, Royal Artillery Quad FAT + 25pdr (S3)

  • 149th Anti-Tank Regt, RA India Pattern Carrier + 6pdr (S3)

  • 57th LAA Regt, RA Morris Limber + 40mm Bofors AA (s3) (or portee)

  • 4th Indian Division Signals Signals truck (C3)

5th Indian Infantry Brigade

Brigadier Dudley Russell  Comander with Mortar (C3)

7th Indian Infantry Brigade

Brigadier Arthur Holworthy  Comander with Mortar (C3)

61st Indian Infantry Brigade

Brigadier Francis E.C. Hughes Comander with Mortar (C3)


8th Army Divisional Group + Air Wing in direct Support Box 047 L



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