003-Hungarian Mixed Div

003-HB Hungarian Mixed Division

(May 2015)


The Hungarian and Romanian boxes used to be stacked next to each other. They are much happier now that they are 7 boxes apart.

Divisional command base, bicycle recce base, FOO base, engineer base

Horsedrawn signal wagon

2 Beute 7.5cm artillery and halftrack limbers,

Nimrod self-propelled Flak, 3.7cm Flak, 2 Krupp Boxer limbers

Toldi tank, Sdkfz 250 neu

2 Regimental commanders on horseback

6 Infantry battalions: Commander, MMG, mortar, 3 rifles

Here is the link to the Divisional Orbat

KEY: Finished, Detailed, Battle-ready, Based/WIP, Recruiting.

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