005-Soviet Front Troops

005-Front HQ Jan 2021 (Soviet Artillery Green Bases)

005 Soviet Front Troops. CSO Not Quite Mechanised



Signal Company: GMC wireless Truck (C3, Ld) Sy3D

Workshop Battalion: GMC Recovery Truck (L3, Ld) -Sy3D

Supply Battalion: GMC Tanker Truck (L3, Ld) -Sy3D and ZiS-5  Tanker Truck (L3, Ld)-Sy3D

Pioneer Bridging Battalion: GMC 6t Treadway Bridge Truck (E3, Ld) -Sy3D

Heavy Artillery BattalionVoroshilovez Tractor and 203mm B-4 Howitzer (S3, HaLd) – Sy3D

Heavy Tank Battalion: JS-III (F3,Had) – PSC

Heavy AA Battalion: Ersatz Tractor and 85mm AA gun (S3,HaLd)

Assault Gun Battalion: Su-76i (S3, Mad) – Sy3D

Scout Battalion: BA-64 (R3, Lad)BPM

This isn’t so much an Orbat as a rotating collection of less-commonly encountered equipment that would appear at army and front level