011-Ital XXI Inf Corps CSO

011 – XXI Infantry Corps (CSO) Jan 2020 (Mid/Royal Blue Bases)

XXI Inf Corps

XXI Italian Corps

XXI  Infantry Corps

(Lieutenant General Enea Navarini; Major General Alessandro Gloria in temporary command to October 26)

Comd car (C3,Con,Lad), Signal van (C3,Con,Ld),  Ammo/POL Truck (L3,Con,Ld), Medical (L3,Reg,Noncombatant,Ld)

  • 7th Bersaglieri Regt – Comd/mortar (C3,Vet,Lad), 2 Rifle Trucks (F3,Vet,Lad)
  • 24th Corps Arty Gp – 100/17 How + limber (S3,Reg,MaLd)
  • 8th Army Arty Gp (part) – Truck + 152/37 Gun (S3,Reg,HaLd)

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