013-27th Inf Div “Brescia”

013-27th Infantry Division “Brescia” Feb 2020 (White/Duck-egg Green Bases)

A5-I Brescia 27 Infantry Division

27 Infantry Division Brescia

Brescia 27 Infantry Division Jan 2020

27 Infantry Division Brescia

(Major General Brunetto Brunetti) – Comd car (C3,Con,Lad), Signal van (C3,Con,Ld),  Ammo/POL Truck (L3,Con,Ld), Medical (L3,Reg,Noncombatant,Ld)

  • 19th Inf Regt – Comd/81mm Mor (C3,Con,Lad), 2 Rifles (F3,Con,Lad)
  • 20th Inf Regt – Comd/81mm Mor (C3,Con,Lad), 3 Rifles (F3,Con,Lad)
  • 1st Mobile Artillery Regiment – Comd/Limber + 100/14 M17 Gun (S3,Reg,MaLd)
  • 27th Mixed Engr Regt – 2 Engineers (E1,Reg,MaLd)
  • 404th LAA Bty Dovunque Portee, Breda 20/65 M35 AA cannone  (S1,Reg, Lad)
  • Recce att M/C (R1,Reg, Lad)
  • Atk att Comd/Limber + 47/32 M35 cannone (S3,Reg,MaLd)

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