014-17th Inf Div “Pavia”

014-17th Infantry Division “Pavia” (CSO)  Feb 2020

A5-I Pavia 17 Infantry Division

17 Infantry Division “Pavia”

(Brigadier General N. Scattaglia) – Comd car (C3,Con,Lad), Signal van (C3,Con,Ld),  Ammo/POL Truck (L3,Con,Ld), Medical (L3,Reg,Noncombatant,Ld)

  • 27th Inf Regt – Comd/81mm Mor (C3,Con,Lad), 2 (F3,Con,Lad) Rifles [3 in box]
  • 28th Inf Regt – Comd/81mm Mor (C3,Con,Lad), 2 (F3,Con,Lad) Rifles [3 in box]
  • 26th Arty Regt – Comd/Limber + 75/27 M6 Gun (S3,Con,MaLd) [81mm Mor with pack mules in box]
  • 17th Mixed Engr Bn – Engr Truck + 2 Engineers (E3,Reg,MaLd)
  • Atk Bn (attached) Comd/Limber + 47/32 M35 (S3,Con,MaLd)

Trucks to be provided from corps or army resources.