006-90th Light “Afrika” Div CSO

006- 90th Lightt “Afrika” Division (Pale/Mid Blue Bases)

Jan 2018

90th Light “Afrika” Division RSO

90th Light “Afrika” Division PzGren and Mot Inf Regt RSO

288th Sonderverband Panzer Grenadier Regiment (later 361st Infantry Regiment )

155th Motorised Infantry Regiment

90th Light “Afrika” Divisional Command and Support RSO

August 2016

Box 016 90th Lt Aug16

July 2015

90th Light Afrika Division WIP

90th Light “Afrika” Motorized Division (CSO):

Steyr Kfz 70 – PSC, Opel signal truck – MMM, Breda 52 5t ammo truck, captured airforce fuel bowser – diecast conversion,  beute P107 recovery halftrack

288th Sonderverband Panzer Grenadier Regiment (later 361st Infantry Regiment )

Sdkfz 250/11 Pzb 41 or, Sdkfz 250/10 Pak 3.7cm (C3) PSC + PP Sdkfz 251/1, (F3) – PSC,  Opel Blitz (F3) – PSC

155th Motorised Infantry Regiment

Steyr Kfz 70  + Pak 3.7cm (C3) PSC + PP,   2 Opel Blitz (F3) – PSC

580th Reconnaissance Company

 Sdkfz 222 (R3) – Zvezda, 2 Motorcycle Recce markers – PP + CD,

605 Panzerjäger Abteilung(Battalion) from DAK HQ, later 707 Hvy Inf Gun coy + 708 (12 Sig 33)

Panzerjaeger 1b 4.7cm (S3)[1941 onwards] or Diane Sdkfz6 [1942], + SdKfz 6  limber (S3),  or 2 x sIG 33 15cm (S3)

606th Army Light AA Battalion

Sdkfz 10/4 2cm 30 (S3)

361st Afrika Artillery Battalion, with 3 Batteries of 4 – 10.5cm Howitzers each

7.62cm Pak38 (r) + Sdkfz 11 limber (S3)

Fallschirmjäger (Parachute) Lehr Battalion or 361 Infantry Regiment is in Box 057: Fallschirmjäger

There is no mention of Pioneers or Engineers. I have included a truck full. The three Stug IIIs that made it out to North Africa were part of 288 Sperrverband. If  you wanted a “what if” scenario, this is where they would appear as a signature piece of equipment.

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