018-15th Pz Div CSO

018-15th Panzer Division (CSO) (duck egg green Bases)

 (July 2015)

15th Panzer Division - 1

Pictured above (DSO) with 5 Panzers, CSO has 3

German DAK 15th Panzer Division

(Generalmajor Walter Neumann-Silkow until 6 December (killed in action), then Generalmajor Gustav von Vaerst) in Horch Comand car

Signals Sdkfz 263, Opel Blitz Ammo Truck, Scratchbuilt POL Truck, Sdkfz 251 Ambulance, Sdkfz 250/4 2cm Flak

Opel blitz Engineer truck with  2 Engineer bases

Recce Battalion: Motorcycle/sidecar and Sdkfz 222

8th Panzer Regiment: Command PzIII and 4 PzIII

115th Infantry Regiment:  Commander in Steyr 70 Kfw command car

Command Sdkfz 250/10 3.7cm Pak alte and 2 Sdkfz 251/1

Horch command car,  3.7cm Pak and  2 Opel Blitz Trucks

33rd Artillery Regiment:

Command Saurer Sdkfz 254, FOO in Schwimmwagen,  Sdkfz 11 + 7.62cm PaK 38 (r),  7.62cm Marder, Chenillette limber,  Sig 33

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