019-21st Pz Div CSO

019-21st Panzer Division (CSO) (Slate Blue-grey Bases)

21st Panzer Division - 1

Pictured above, DSO with 5 Panzers, the CSO has 3

German DAK 21st Panzer Division (List Sep 2020)

(Generalmajor Johann von Ravenstein until 29 November (prisoner of war), then Generalmajor Karl Böttcher)

Comd car (C3, Vet, Lad), Signals Sdkfz 222 or 232 [or captured Dorchester or SdKfz 263] (C3,Vet, Ld),  Engineer truck (E3,Vet,Ld) + 2 (HaLd) Engineer markers, Ammo/POL Truck (L3,Reg,Ld),  Ambulance Sdkfz 251 (L3,Lnoncom), Workshop Truck (L3,Vet,Ld)

  • 5th Panzer Regiment – Comd PzII (C3,Vet,Mad), PzIII (F3,Vet,Mad), Pz IV (F3,Vet,Mad)

  • 104th Panzergrenadier Regiment – Comd Sdkfz 250, 251 or 263 (C3,Vet,LaMd), Sdkfz 251 (F3,Vet,LaMd), Truck (F3,Vet,Lad)

  • 155th Artillery Regiment – Comd  Sdkfz 253 +  Lorraine Schlepper  15cm (S3,Vet,Mad)

  • 3rd Aufklärungs Battalion – Sdkfz 222 or 233 (R3,Vet,Lad) + 2 recce markers (Lad)
  • 39th Anti-tank Battalion – PaK 38 5cm + Sdkfz 10 Limber (S3,Vet,Mad).

  • 200th Pioneer Battalion – Pioneer SdKfz 251/7  (E3,Vet,HaLd) + 2 (HaLd) Engineer markers

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