021-132nd Armd Div “Ariete” CSO

021-132nd Armoured Division “Ariete” (CSO) (Oct 2018)

Box 030 - 132 Armoured Division Ariete

“Ariete” 132 Armoured Division

“Ariete” 132 Armoured Division (Apr 2018)

Ariete 132 Armd Div CSO Orbat

“Ariete” 132nd Armd Div (CSO Orbat)

NQM Corps Scale

Command M11 Carro Armati (C3), Signals Vehicle (C3), AB 41 A/C (R3), 2  (R1) Motorcycles ,   Bersaglieri Command stand (C3), 2 Rifle stands (F3),  Truck (L3), Ammo Truck (L3), Workshop Truck (L3), Scratchbuilt Fuel bowser (L3),  2 (F3) M13 Carro Armati. L6 Carro Armati (F3), 100mm Howitzer (S3), Artillery Limber (L3) 2 (E1) Engineer stands, Engineer Truck (E1).

Divisional scale Orbat (DSO)

2  Command Fiat staff cars, 1 Signals Vehicle, 1 AB 41 A/C, 3 (2) Motorcycles, 1 HMG Motorcycle, 5 (0) Command stands, 1 FOO, 9-12 (8) Rifle stands, 3 (1) MMGs, 2 47mm Atk guns, 1 (45mm) 81mm Mortar, 4-7 (3) Trucks, 1 Ammo Truck, 1 Workshop Truck, 1 Fuel bowser, 1 HQ tank , 2-5 (3) Tanks (CV33 or L6 or M11 or M13 Carro Armati), 1 100mm Howitzer, 1 75mm Howitzer, 1 75mm Gun, 1 Semovente SP, 4 Artillery Limbers, 1 AA Truck or towed (53mm, 35mm or 55mm), 2 Engineer stands, 1 Engineer Truck, 0-1 Trailer.

132 Armoured Division Ariete (General Mario Balotta) in Citroen command car,

Scratchbuilt signal van and POL truck, , Lancia 5t ammo truck,   2 engineer bases, Autoblinda 41 armoured car

  • 132nd Armoured Regiment –  Command car
    • VII Tank Battalion – M13/41
    • VIII Tank Battalion – M13/41
    • IX Tank Battalion – M11/39
    • 32nd Light Armoured Regiment – L6/39 (F3)
    • 8th Bersaglieri Regiment (Motorised) – Laffly command car, 4.5cm mortar, 4.7cm Anti-tank gun
    • III Motorcycle Battalion (Later II Motorised) Command motorcycle, motorcycle, motorcycle, MMG motorcycle
    • V and XII Motorised Battalions: 2 Laffly trucks , 2 battalion commanders,  2 MMGs, 2 4.5cm mortars, 2x[ 3Rifles (F3)]
    • 132nd Artillery Regiment – Command car, FOO, 75/25 Gun with Laffly limber

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