022-133rd Armd Div “Littorio” CSO

022-133rd Armoured Division Littorio (CSO)

(Apr 2018)

Littorio 133 Armoured Division CSO Orbat

“Littorio” 133rd Armoured Division (CSO)

NQM Corps Scale (CSO and Pocket Orbat)

Command Fiat staff car, Signals Vehicle, AB 41 A/C, 2 Motorcycles,   Bersaglieri Command stand, 2 Rifle stands, 47mm Atk gun, Truck, 1 Ammo Truck, 1 Workshop Truck, 1 Fuel bowser, 1 HQ tank , 3 Tanks (1 L6, 2 M11, 1 M13 Carro Armati), 100mm Howitzer, Artillery Limber 2 Engineer stands, Engineer Truck.

 Major General Gervasio Bitossi in M11 Carro Armati (C3)

Scratchbuilt Dovunque signals van (C3) and POL truck (L3), 5t Lancia Truck (L3), Workshop truck (L3)

III Cavalry Squadron (Reconnaissance Battalion) Lancieri di Novara: L6 Carro Armati (F3)

CoA mil ITA rgt carri 133.png 133rd Tank Regiment-IV,XII,LI armoured battalions:   M11 (F3), M14 Carro Armati (F3)

CoA mil ITA rgt bersaglieri 12.png 12th Bersaglieri RHQ : Command car, 47mm Atk (C3)

XXI Bersaglieri Motorcycle battalion: 2 (R1) motorcycle bases

XXIII and XXXVI Bersaglieri motorized battalions: Dovunque truck (L3)  and 2 (F3) Rifle stands

CoA mil ITA rgt artiglieria 003.png 3rd Artillery Regiment:

II Artillery Group, 133 Artillery Regiment: 7.5cm artillery

CCCII Artillery Group: 100mm artillery (S3) and  limber (L3) (or Semovente)

DLIV Self-propelled Artillery Group

DLVI Self-propelled Artillery Group

XXIX Anti-Air Artillery Group

Engineer battalion: Fiat van (L3) and 2 (E1) engineer bases

133 Littorio Armoured Division (May 2015)

Box 023 : 133 Littortio Armoured Division

NQM Divisional Scale

2 Command Fiat staff cars, 1 Signals Vehicle, 1 AB 41 A/C, 3 (2) Motorcycles, 1 HMG Motorcycle, 5 (1) Command stands, 1 FOO, 9-12 (5) Rifle stands, 3 (0) MMGs, 2 (1) 47mm Atk guns, 1 81mm Mortar, 4-7 (3) Trucks, 1 Ammo Truck, 1 Workshop Truck, 1 Fuel bowser, 1 HQ tank , 2-5 (3) Tanks (CV33 or L6 or M11 or M13 Carro Armati), 1 100mm Howitzer, 1 75mm Howitzer, 1 75mm Gun, 1 Semovente SP, 4 (1) Artillery Limbers, 1 AA Truck or towed (53mm, 35mm or 55mm), 2 Engineer stands, 1 Engineer Truck 0-1 Trailer.

Bold text is what I have modelled as opposed to the TO&E

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