024-Sov Mot Rifle Corps 1943 CSO

024-Soviet Motor Rifle Corps 1943 (CSO) (Peacock Blue Bases)

Jan 2021 CSO

Soviet Motor Rifle Corps 1943 CSO

Corps Commander in Gaz Jeep

Ba-64 – PP and CD

4 T-34/76 –CD

KV-1 – Zvezda

SU-76 – QRF

2 ZiS-5 Trucks with infantry – Zvezda, PSC and CD

45mm Anti Tank with T-20 Komsomolez tractor – FoW, PP and PGM

120mm mortar with T-20 Komsomolez tractor – PP and PGM

2 Katyusha BM-13 – FiB

Zis-5 Truck with 2 pioneer bases – PSC

T-34 T recovery tank – PSC conversion

BA-6 Armoured Car – FiB

GAZ AA and 12.7mm Quad Maxim AA – BPM and PP

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