026-Trento 102 Mot Div

026-I5 Trento 102 Motorised Division

Box 007 - 102 Motorised Division Trento

Trento 102 Motorised Division

 Apr 2018

Italian 102 Mot Div Trento

TO&E Italian Infantry Division (Corps Scale Orbat)

HQ 102 Mot Div Trento: Command Fiat staff car (C3), Signals Vehicle (C3), 0-1 (S3) AA Truck, towed or horse-drawn (53mm, 35mm or 55mm),

Command stand (C3), 3 (F3) Rifle stands

Command stand (C3), 3 (F3) Rifle stands

47mm Atk gun (S3), 81mm Mortar (S3)

100mm Howitzer + Limber (S3), 75mm Howitzer + Limber (S3)

51 Engr Bn: 2 (E1) Engineer stands, Truck + 0-1 Trailer (E1).

Jan 2018

May 2015

Soviet VVS Air Corps (Box 007 May 2015)

Orbat: Night bomber division, Fighter division, Sturmovik division

3 Po-2 (die-cast  WW1 stand-ins)

Mig-3 (Spitfire conversion), Yak-1 (Hurricane conversion), Yak-9 (Tempest conversion), lend-lease Kittyhawk

IL-2 Sturmovik (Mustang conversion), IL-1 Sturmovik

Crane, trailer, 3 ground crew

KEY: Finished, Detailed, Battle-ready, Based/WIP, Recruiting.

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