028-136th Inf Div “Giovani Fascisti” CSO

028-136th Infantry Division “Giovani Fascisti” (CSO) (Raspberry  Bases)

Sep 2020

136 Infantry Division Giovani Fascisti (Young Fascists)

Comd car (C3,Con,Lad), Signal van (C3,Con,Ld),  Ammo/POL Truck (L3,Con,Ld), Workshop Truck (L3,Con,Ld), AA Truck (S2,Con,Lad)

  • 136 Infantry Regiment – Comd car (C3,Con,Lad), 2 Rifle Trucks (F3,Con,Lad) or model as a truck and an infantry base when dismounted
  • 3rd Recce Battalion Lancieri di MonferratoAB41 A/c (R3,Reg,Lad) + 2 Recce markers (Lad)
  • 136 Artillery Regiment – 65/17 or 75/27 or 100/17 Portee  + Comd Car/Limber (S3,Reg,MaLd)
  • 125 Pioneer Battalion – Truck, 2 Pioneers (E3,Reg,MaLd) + Pioneer markers (MaLd)

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