039-Ger Lt Inf /Jäger Divs CSO

039-Light Infantry/Jäger Divisions  CSO


(Mar 2021)

Rebuilding after the heavy fighting in the winter of 1942/3. The original members of this box have been drafted as reinforcements elsewhere, with new troops brought in to build a light division.

97 Jäger-Division  

101 Jäger-Division  

19 rumänische Division Still living  in Box 10

9. Infanterie-Division

(August 2016)

Box 044 top Aug 16Few of the original members of the München Division are left. It has adopted the neue Art orbat and is rebuilding its heavy equipment. The Artillery consists of 12cm mortars, and the PaK is now self-propelled Box 044 base Aug16103 Panzer Battalion comprises only 30 PzIIIs, and the panzer grenadiers can only muster 90 half tracks between them. Artillery is only 7.5cm.

(May 2015)

Wehrmacht Infantry Korps U May 2015 Wehrmacht Infantry Korps L

3rd Motor Rifle (later Panzer Grenadier) Division CSO (August 2016)


Orbat (1944): 103 Pz Bn, 8 Pz Gren Regt, 29 Pz Gren Regt, 3Mot Arty Regt, 109 Pz Recce Bn, 3 Atk Bn, 3 Mot Engr Bn, 3 Mot Sig Bn.

General Gräser in Sdkfz 251 Neu, Opel Blitz ambulance truck (card), Opel Blitz ammunition truck with trailer (card), Opel Blitz POL truck (card)

Motorcycle recce base, Krupp Boxer limber and 7.5cm mountain artillery, Marder III self-propelled 7.62cm Pak. Raupenschlepper 7.5cm PaK

2 Regimental Commanders in Sdkfz 251.

3 Battalions 1-6, Each 6 bases: Commander, MMG, Mortar, 3 Rifles. Mounted in softskins – card

 7th  Infantry Division (August 2016)


Orbat (1942):  36 Inf Regt, 57 Inf Regt, 116 Inf Regt, 9 Arty Regt, 9 Recce Bn, 9 Atk Bn, 9 Engr Bn, 9 Sig Bn.

Divisional Commander in Opel Blitz radio truck.

M/c recce base.

10.5cm artillery and four-horse limber, Forward Observation Officer.

Two-horse ammunition wagon.

Two-horse field kitchen.

Raupenschlepper 7.5cm Pak.

3 Regimental Commanders on foot or horseback.


p class=”western” style=”padding-left:60px;”>6 Battalions each of 5 bases: Commander, MMG, Mortar, 2 Rifles.

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