040- Gebirgsjäger Div CSO

040- Gebirgsjäger Division Jan 2021 (Black Bases)

Jan 2021

040 Gibirgsjaeger Div CSO


GebirgsJaeger Division

Gebirgsjäger Division

A Gebirgsjäger divisional orbat

Orbat: 85, 100,  Mtn Inf Regt; 95 Mtn Arty Regt, 95 Motorcycle Bn, 95 Atk Bn, 95 Mtn Engr Bn, 95 Mtn Sig Bn.

Divisional Commander on horseback- PP

Motorcycle recce base – PP

Opel Blitz ammunition truck with trailer – PSC and BPM

Opel Blitz ambulance truck – Sy3D

Opel Blitz POL truck – PSC

Packhorse limber and 7.5cm Gebirgsgeschutz 36PP and FiB

Packhorse limber and 15cm sIG 33 – PP and Hinchcliffe

Limber and 5cm Pak – BPM and PP

Kubelwagen Limber and 3.7cm Pak – CD and PP

Limber and 2cm Flak. – CD and PP

3 Regimental Commander on horseback bases – PP

Packhorse and 12cm mortar stand – PP

9 Battalions 1-8, 3 RHQ: Commander, MMG, Mortar, Rifles PP.

2 Pioneer bases – PP

Stug from army reserves

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