041- Inf Korps CSO

041-Inf Korps CSO (Mid Sea Blue/Citrus Bases)

The Orbat for an OKH infantry division neu Art can be found here towards the bottom of the page under the 1943 orbat.

Jan 2021

The box now contains a CSO Korps of 3 infantry divisions, each of 6-9 battalions (In order to fit into the box).


041 Inf Korps Top CSO


041 Inf Korps Base CSO

The Divisions are now at their CSO orbats with a single stand representing a battalion, and with the RHQs being a single support weapon (regimental gun, mortar,MG) with commander. One division has become more motorised in its command and support elements, one less so, with more horses in the orbat and fewer tracks or wheels.

Some of the independent Stug and Grille battalions  move in and out this box, where there is space freed up by halving the battalion size. Increasingly, artillery and their limbers are being modelled on a single large stand instead of separate gun and limber stands. Fusilier battalions with bicycles are appearing and the anti-tank elements are being renamed as “Schnelle” (fast) battalions.

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