054-Sov Gd Rifle Corps + Naval Bdes CSO

054 – Guards Rifle Corps and Baltic Fleet Naval Infantry Brigades

April 2019 onwards Front Scale Orbat (FSO)

3 Guards Rifle Corps each of 3 Guards Rifle Divisions – borrow from boxes 046 or 047

12 Independent Naval Brigades [Obtain Tank Bdes from Tank Corps boxes]



Jan 2018

Box 054 Top Jan 2018 - Soviet Naval Division

May 2015

Soviet tank army 1940-41

The Soviet Navy fielded 40 brigades (…0f 5-10 battalions¹ … ), (… of which 2 and 5 Brigades had tank battalions attached …), 6 independent regiments and a number of independent battalions.

Polmar N. (1991). The Naval Institute Guide to the Soviet Navy 5th ed

Regimental Scale Orbat (RSO) to Jan 2018

Brigade commander, Gaz AA truck, 45mm anti-tank gun with horsedrawn limber

(Card) Truck with 2 pioneer bases

2 Regimental HQs: Commander, commisar, anti-tank rifle, 82mm mortar

6 Infantry battalions: Commander, MMG, 3 rifles

Tank Corps: Command BT-5, 2 BT-5, captured Finnish support artillery BT

2 100 mm field guns M1944 BS-3 (Airfix 6pdr stand-ins) with STZ-3 tractors, 120mm mortar with Komosolets limber, FOO

May 2015

BOX 053 Top May 2015 - Soviet Naval Brigade

Brigade HQ: Commander, Commisar, anti-tank rifle, 82mm mortar

5 Infantry battalions: Commander, MMG, 3 rifles

3 120mm Mortar battalions, 3 two-horse limbers


2 17mm regimental guns , 2 two-horse limbers

76.2mm Zis3 divisional gun, STZ-3 tractor

  1. These 10-Bn strong brigades may be shown by two stands of up to 5 SP each.

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