055- Armeekorps LV CSO

055-Armeekorps LV CSO  (Mouse Grey Base)

Box 55 was taken over some time in 2019 by Armeekorps LV in a Corps Scale Orbat (CSO). It was effectively a Panzerkorps by the standards of the time, though not named as such.

Base Jan 2021

055 Armeekorps LV Base CSO


055 Armeekorps LV Top CSO

Orbat in March 1943:

383 Infanterie-Division “Rheingold”

216 Infanterie-Division Hannover


18 Panzer-Division  Stuttgart

18 Panzer Division Rune

Teile 7 Flieger-Division

The 7th Flieger Division is in Box 57

057 Fallschirmjaeger Top CSO 057 Fallschirmjaeger base CSO

For the moment, only elements of 18 Panzer , 216 and 383 Infantry Divisions are building in the box. 7 Flieger Division lives in Box 57 with Ramke and Folgore

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