057-Fallschirmjäger + Luftwaffe Field Div CSO

057-D4 OKL Fallschirmjäger + Luftwaffe Field Div CSO

057 Base:

Aug 2018

Box 057 Luftwaffe Field Division

Box 057 Luftwaffe Field Division

Jan 2018

May 2017

Box 057 Base. Luftwaffe Field DivisionJan 2017

Box 057: Fallschirmjaeger - Base, May 2017

6 Luftwaffe Bns – Fighting Stand (F3), Support Stand (S3) 

1 Luftwaffe Div HQ – Comd (C1), 3 Luftwaffe RHQ – Comd (C1)

1 12cm mortar base (s3), 2 Pioneer bases (E1), 3 Raupenschlepper Ost (L3), 1 Atk rifle Base (s1), 1 Pak38 5cm (s3)

1 Luftwaffe security det (C1), 1 Luftwaffe ground crew base (L1)

2 Bf-109,

057 Top:

Aug 2018

Box 057 Fallschirmjaeger Division

Box 057 Fallschirmjäger Division


Jan 2018

May 2017

Box 057: Fallschirmjaeger - Top May 2017


Roughly the same number of troops have been stretched from two regiments, each of two battalions, to three battalions each.  The Tante Jus are still in the Orbat, just off ferrying some Champagne to HQ OKL.


1 Comd base (C1), 1 Recce base (R1)

1 sPzB 41 (s3), 1 Sdkfz 2 Kettenrad limber (L3)

1 7.5cm Leichtgeshütz 40 (s3), 1 Sdkfz 2 Kettenrad limber (L3), FOO (O1)

2 RHQ stands – Comd base (C1), Spzbusch 28 (S1)

4 Fallschirmjäger Abteilungen (Bn) – Comd/Support stand (CS2), Rifle Stand (F3)

1 Fallschirmjäger support stand (S3)

1 Stug III Ausf B (S3)

3 Fallschirmjäger Pioneer bases

5 Groundcrew bases (@ L1)

2 Ju-52

057 Top:

Luftwaffe field division orbat here

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