999-DB DAK Artillery Dispersed

999-DB DAK Artillery Aug 2020 currently dispersed in reinforcement boxes

Jan 2018

135th Anti-Aircraft Regiment (Luftwaffe) DSO


1st Afrika Artillerie Regiment DSO


May 2015

Box 015 DAK

Many of these models wander off as attachments to other boxes; when they regroup, they come back here … mostly:

Fieseler Storch, General of Artillery in Horch staff car, Motorcycle, FOO

Stug IIIA, 5cm Pak and Sdkfz 10 limber

7.62cm Pak 38 (r) and Beute M3 halftrack limber

20.3cm artillery and MAN limber, 15cm artillery and scratchbuilt limber

Beute diecast POL truck, Lancia 5t ammo truck, 2 Opel Blitz ammo trucks

3 8.8cm Flak, 2 Sdkfz 10/4 2cm Flak

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