BOX 016: 90th Lt Afrika Inf Div

(August 2016)

Box 016 90th Lt Aug16

(July 2015)

90th Light Afrika Division WIP

90th Light Afrika Motorized Division :

Mercedes staff car, Opel signal truck, Citroen 5t ammo truck, captured airforce diecast fuel bowser, card recovery truck

288th Sonderverband Panzer Grenadier Regiment (later 361st Infantry Regiment )

Sdkfz 250/11 Pzb 41, Sdkfz 250/10 Pak 3.7cm, 3 Sdkfz 250/1, Steyr Kfz 70 + Pak 3.7cm, 2 trucks

155th Motorised Infantry Regiment

RHQ staff car, Kubelwagen + Pak 3.7cm,  Steyr Kfz 70 + Pak 3.7cm, 4 trucks, 8 Rifle bases

580th Reconnaissance Company

Motorcycle combo, Sdkfz 222

605 Panzerjäger Abteilung(Battalion) from DAK HQ, later 707 Hvy Inf Gun coy + 708 (12 Sig 33)

Panzerjaeger 1b 4.7cm (S3)[1941 onwards] or Diane Sdkfz6 [1942], SdKfz 6  limber (L3),  or Sig 33

606th Army Light AA Battalion

Sdkfz 10/4 2cm 30

361st Afrika Artillery Battalion, with 3 Batteries of 4 – 105mm Howitzers each

7.62cm Pak38 (r) + Sdkfz 11 limber, FOO

Fallschirmjäger (Parachute) Lehr Battalion or 361 Infantry Regiment is in Box 057: Fallschirmjäger

There is no mention of Pioneers or Engineers. I have included a truckful.


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