BOX 021: 5 Gebirgsjäger Div

(Mar 2018)

GebirgsJaeger Division

GebirgsJäger Division


(May 2015)

GebirgsJaeger Div

A Gebirgsjäger divisional orbat

Orbat: 85, 100,  Mtn Inf Regt; 95 Mtn Arty Regt, 95 Motorcycle Bn, 95 Atk Bn, 95 Mtn Engr Bn, 95 Mtn Sig Bn.

Divisional Commander on horseback

Motorcycle recce base

Opel Blitz ammunition truck with trailer (card)

Opel Blitz ambulance truck (card)

Opel Blitz POL truck (card)

Packhorse limber and 7.5cm mountain artillery, FOO

Packhorse limber and 15cm mountain artillery, FOO

Limber and 5cm Pak

Kubelwagen Limber and 3.7cm Pak.

Limber and 2cm Flak.

3 Regimental Commander on horseback bases.

Packhorse and 12cm mortar stand.

3 Battalions 1-6, Each 6 bases: Commander, MMG, Mortar, 3 Rifles.

2 Pioneer bases

Stug from army reserves

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