BOX 023: Littorio Armd Div

133 Littorio Armd Div (May 2015)

Box 023 : 133 Littortio Armoured Division

2 Command Fiat staff cars, 1 Signals Vehicle, 1 AB 41 A/C, 3 (2) Motorcycles, 1 HMG Motorcycle, 5 (1) Command stands, 1 FOO, 9-12 (5) Rifle stands, 3 (0) MMGs, 2 (1) 47mm Atk guns, 1 81mm Mortar, 4-7 (3) Trucks, 1 Ammo Truck, 1 Workshop Truck, 1 Fuel bowser, 1 HQ tank , 2-5 (3) Tanks (CV33 or L6 or M11 or M13 Carro Armati), 1 100mm Howitzer, 1 75mm Howitzer, 1 75mm Gun, 1 Semovente SP, 4 (1) Artillery Limbers, 1 AA Truck or towed (53mm, 35mm or 55mm), 2 Engineer stands, 1 Engineer Truck 0-1 Trailer.

Bold text is what I have modelled as opposed to the TO&E

 Major General Gervasio Bitossi in Mercedes staff car

Scratchbuilt Dovunque signals van and POL truck, 5t Lancia Truck, Workshop truck

III Cavalry Squadron (Reconnaissance Battalion) Lancieri di Novara: L6 tank

CoA mil ITA rgt carri 133.png 133rd Tank Regiment-IV,XII,LI armoured battalions:  2 M11s, M14 tanks

CoA mil ITA rgt bersaglieri 12.png 12th Bersaglieri Regiment : Command car, 4.7cm Atk, 81mm mortar

XXI Bersaglieri Motorcycle battalion: 2 motorcycle bases

XXIII and XXXVI Bersaglieri motorized battalions: Dovunque truck  and 3 rifles

CoA mil ITA rgt artiglieria 003.png 3rd artillery regiment: FOO,

II Artillery Group, 133 Artillery Regiment: 7.5cm artillery

CCCII Artillery Group: 15cm artillery and Dovunque limber

DLIV Self-propelled Artillery Group

DLVI Self-propelled Artillery Group

XXIX Anti-Air Artillery Group

Engineer battalion: Fiat van and 2 engineer bases


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