BOX 024: Sov Tk Corps 1943

Soviet Tank Corps 1943

Jan 2019

Corps Comd in Gaz-67

Impressed civilian radio truck

BA-6 Armoured car

120mm mortar with captured Raupenschlepper Ost tractor

SU-76  Self-propelled Gun

Motor rifle battalion: 1 Gaz-MM  truck with infantry

1 ZiS-5  truck with 2 pioneers

2 tank brigades: 3 T-34/76, 3 Japanese Vickers standing in as T-60s, KV-1 to allow variations

1 Gaz-MM  truck with Maxim 7.62mm M4M Quadruple AA gun

Field Medical Dressing Station

Jan 2018



Aug 2014


 May 2015

Soviet Tank Corps 1940

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