BOX 037: 1st Armoured Division

Jan 2018

For 1st Armoured Div Orbat, go to the 8th Army at Alamein page.

The whole DivisionHQ and Div RecceDiv Arty2nd Armoured Bde – Yorkshire Dragoons2nd Armoured Bde 7th Motor Brigade

Feb 2013 – May 2015

8th Army Troops, Artillery and Anti-aircraft Regiments

British Army Level Artillery

Commander in car,

Morris armoured command car – a 20mm master from Chris Willey that he attributes to a pattern for an Airfix kit that never came to fruition,

India pattern carrier, Signals truck, REME recovery truck, 18 pdr gun and Bedford 3 tonner,  3 4.5″ guns and Matador trucks. 2 3.7″ AA guns, 40mm Bofors AA gun


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