BOX 045: 7th Armd Div “Desert Rats”

BOX 045: 7th Armd Div “Desert Rats” (March 2018)

Reorganised on the corps scale orbat March 2018. The division still looks huge on parade.

7 Armd Div Corps Scale Orbat

7 Armoured Division. Corps-Scale Orbat (March 2018)

7th Armoured Division

Major-General John Harding M3 Stuart Tank (C3), Ammo Truck (L3), POL Truck (L3), Ambulance (L3), Workshop Truck (L3)

  • 1st Household Cavalry Regiment Daimler armoured car (R3) +2 markers

  • 11th Hussars [under command from 4th Armoured Brigade, in reserve] Morris CS9 armoured car (R3)+2 markers

  • 2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry [under command from 8th Armoured Div] Humber A/C (R3) +2 markers

  • 44th Reconnaissance Regiment (under comd from 44th Inf Div)Universal Carrier or Dingo lt recce car (R3) +2 markers

  • 4th Field Squadron, Royal Engineers Sapper base (E1)

  • 21st Field Squadron, Royal Engineers Sapper base (E1)

  • 143rd Field Park Squadron, Royal Engineers Truck (L3)

  • 7th Armoured Division Signals Dorchester ACV  or Bedford QLR (C3)

4th Lt Armd Bde
4th Light Armoured Brigade

Brigadier Marcus G. Roddick M3 Stuart Tank (C3)

57 (2) Stuart, 14 (1) Grant = 71 tanks and 9 armoured cars

22nd Armoured Brigade

Brigadier George “Pip” Roberts M3 Stuart Tank (C3)

57 (2) Grant, 50 (2) Crusader, 19 (1) Stuart = 126 tanks

1st Free French Brigade Group (under command)

Brigadier Marie Pierre Koenig Comd Jeep (C3)

  • 1st Battalion, Foreign Legion Infantry stand (F3)

  • 2nd Battalion, Foreign Legion Infantry stand (F3)

  • 3rd Battalion, Pacific Marine Infantry Infantry stand (F3)

  • 3rd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery (attached) Quad limber (S3), 25pdr (S3)

  • 1st Free French Artillery Regiment Renault limber (S3), 75mm gun (S3)

  • 2nd Anti-Aircraft Company, 1st Marine Fusiliers

  • 2nd Free French Anti-Tank Company

  • 22nd North African Anti-Tank Company Fordson WOt2 25mm CLA portee (S2)

  • 1st Field Company, Free French Engineers Sapper base (E1)

with (under command)

  • 1st Free French Flying Column Automitrailleuse Dodge ‘Tanake'(F2),

  • Armoured Car Squadron and Portee troop, 1st Marocco Spahis Portee 75mm M1897 or ‘Conus gun’ SPG (S3)

  • 1st Free French Tank Company Crusader III Tank (S1)

  • Anti-Aircraft troop, 1st Battalion, Foreign Legion ?25 mm CA mle 39 towed/portee (S3)

BOX 045 :  British 8th/14th  Army  Divisional Group (May 2015)

8th Army Divisional Group

8th Army Infantry Division box 045 U

Orbat: Cavalry regiment, Infantry tank regiment, Highland brigade, Indian brigade, UK brigade, 3 Royal Artillery regiments, Royal Engineer battalion,

2 Marmon Herrington armoured cars, 2 Vickers Mk VI tanks, 2 Matilda II tanks, Stuart tank, Signal Truck, REME workshop truck

2 RA 25pdr field guns and CMP truck limbers

4 RA 2pdr anti-tank guns,  and limbers

RA 18pdr field artillery gun, RA 6pdr anti-tank gun

3 15cwt trucks, 3 Universal Carriers, 12 motor infantry bases

Brigadier in Jeep, 3 battalion commanders, 3 MMG, 3 mortars, 9 rifles

GMC Tipper truck, 2 Royal Engineer bases


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