BOX 045: 8th/14th Army Div Gp

BOX 045 :  British 8th/14th  Army  Divisional Group (May 2015)

8th Army Divisional Group

8th Army Infantry Division box 045 U

Orbat: Cavalry regiment, Infantry tank regiment, Highland brigade, Indian brigade, UK brigade, 3 Royal Artillery regiments, Royal Engineer battalion,

2 Marmon Herrington armoured cars, 2 Vickers Mk VI tanks, 2 Matilda II tanks, Stuart tank, Signal Truck, REME workshop truck

2 RA 25pdr field guns and CMP truck limbers

4 RA 2pdr anti-tank guns,  and limbers

RA 18pdr field artillery gun, RA 6pdr anti-tank gun

3 15cwt trucks, 3 Universal Carriers, 12 motor infantry bases

Brigadier in Jeep, 3 battalion commanders, 3 MMG, 3 mortars, 9 rifles

GMC Tipper truck, 2 Royal Engineer bases


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