Box 050: X Corps at ALAMEIN

Box 050: X Corps at ALAMEIN Pocket Orbat (Jul 2019)


X Corps

Lieutenant-General Herbert Lumsden Comd Jeep, Dorchester, M3 Half-Track Ambulance, Sapper, Scammel Pioneer Wksp Truck, Bedford QLB FAT + Bofors 40mm AA


1st Armoured Division

Major-General Raymond Briggs Comd Grant Tank,  Leyland Retriever Workshop Truck, Humber A/C ,M7 Priest ,  Deacon 6pdr SP gun

2nd Armoured Brigade, Brigadier Arthur Fisher Crusader III

7th Motor Brigade, Brigadier Thomas J. Bosville Infantry in Carrier   + 6pdr Atk

Hammerforce (attached from 8th Armoured Division),Marmon-Herrington III, Quad FAT + 25pdr, Universal Carrier + 6pdr


10th Armoured Division

Major-General Alexander Gatehouse Comd Stuart, Motor Infantry in Morris 15cwt truck + 2pdr, Morris A/C, Quad FAT + 25pdr, Carrier + 6pdr,  Sapper base

8th Armoured Brigade

Brigadier Edward C.N. Custance  Grant Tank

24th Army Tk Bde

 24th Armoured Brigade (attached from 8th Armoured Division) Brigadier Arthur G. Kenchington Sherman Tank

133rd Infantry Brigade (attached from 44th Infantry Division) Brigadier Alec W. Lee Infantry in Carrier



8th Armoured Division

Major-General Charles Gairdner Comd staff car (C3), Ammo Truck (L3), POL Truck (L3), Ambulance (L3), Workshop Truck (L3) (This divisional HQ does not need to be modelled)

(all brigades stripped away from the division prior to the Second Battle of El Alamein)